This site is for the documentation of the our offroad trips 2016
the videos are .mp4 and HighDef which means they should work fine on Windows and Apple computers
I've included a Lower resolution file which is about 1/4 the size
the larger is 854x480px the smaller is 426x240px be patient for the download
only click on the low resolution if your Internet connection is slow or bandwidth is limited

Meeker Colorado 10/2016
Video Meeker Day 1 13m:13s Click here--> (High resolution 551kb) or (Low resolution 158kb)
Video Meeker Day 2 12m:18s Click here--> (High resolution 489kb) or (Low resolution 138kb)
Video Meeker Day 3 5m:30s Click here--> (High resolution 328kb) or (Low resolution 61kb)
Meeker pictures (from Terry) Click here
Mackay Idaho Rally in the Pines July 2016
Video Mackay Video 1 2m:34s Click here--> (High resolution 92kb) or (Low resolution 45kb)
Video Mackay Video 2 3m:59s Click here--> (High resolution 158kb) or (Low resolution 45kb)
Mackay pictures Click here
Dove Springs 4/1-4/3
Video Dove Springs Day 1 10m:37s Click here--> (High resolution 429kb) or (Low resolution 121kb)
Video Dove Springs Day 2 0m:0s Click here--> (High resolution 0kb) or (Low resolution 0kb)
TDS Truckhaven 3/4/2016
Video TDS Truckhaven 10m:49s Click here--> (High resolution 425kb) or (Low resolution 119kb)
Ocotillo Wells RZR Recovery 2/14/2016
Video RZR Recovery at Ocotillo Part 1 20m:24s Click Here-> (High Resolution 817kb) or (Low Resolution 230kb)
Video RZR Recovery at Ocotillo Part 2 19m:01s Click Here-> (High Resolution 777kb) or (Low Resolution 220kb)
Video RZR Recovery at Ocotillo Part 3 18m:36s Click Here-> (High Resolution 750kb) or (Low Resolution 214kb)
Johnson Valley Mine 2/6/2016
Video Johnson Valley Maumee Mine 9m:57s Click here-> (High Resolution 400kb) or (Low Resolution 112kb)
Superstition San Diego 4 Wheelers Jeep Safari 1/15-1/17
Video San Diego 4 Wheelers Jeep Safari 29m:10s Click here-> (High Resolution 1,162kb) or (low Resolution 328kb)

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